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In each round, one penguin is the catcher and other penguins are the runners. A number of rounds equal a number of players. The runners start from the classroom and flick their penguin, trying to go through the doors and get the yummy fish of the same colour. By doing so, the penguin gets a fish card with victory points on it or even extra bonuses – such as an additional turn to flick your penguin. The catcher starts from the spot in the kitchen and tries to catch all the Rascals by bumping into the runners before all the fish are eaten.

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40.39 cm x 5.84 cm x 20.83 cm

Box Contains

4 x Plastic penguins

5 x Cardboard boxes — rooms

16 x Wooden fish tokens (12 x fish in 4 x player colours and 4 x fish in white colour)

45 x Fish cards (each showing 1, 2 or 3 victory points)

4 x Colour reminder cards

4 x Penguin ID cards

1 x Rules