Asmodee – Catan Board Game


The game that redefined board games. First published in 1995, Catan has delighted millions of families across the world with its fun and easy-to-learn gameplay. Players arrive as settlers on the island of Catan, rich with wood, stone, clay, wheat and sheep. Rolling dice to harvest those resources than making trades with their rivals, players develop their settlements into cities while building roads and hiring brave knights to defend their colony.

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29.54 cm x 24.13 cm x 7.62 cm

Box Contains

19 x Unique hexagonal terrain tiles
6 x Coastal frame pieces
9 x Extra harbour pieces
20 x Wooden settlements
16 x Wooden cities
60 x Wooden roads
95 x Resource cards
25 x Development cards
4 x Building costs cards
2 x Special bonus cards
18 x Number tokens
2 x Six-sided dice
1 x Wooden robber pawn
1x Simple rules & almanac